stratfield turgis

5 Miles around the parish

This circular walk around the parish, takes in some of the natural and man made features. It takes about 2.5 hours starting and finishing at the entrance to the recreation ground next to the Jekyll & Hyde.

The Walk

Leave the recreation ground and turn left. Follow the footway for 30m and you will see a footpath marker partially hidden in the hedge opposite. Go through the small opening and follow the footpath up the edge of the field, keeping the hedge on the right, eventually turning right at the path junction. This track follows the ridge and you can see the old church down by the river. Follow the footpaths in front of the farm buildings, through the churchyard and cross Fishery Brook at the new bridge by the ford. Cross the field following the line of massive pollarded willows and then across the river Loddon by the footbridge. Climb the stile then go diagonally (10 O'clock) across the field to a large stile. Climb this and then enter the field on the right. Follow field boundary keeping the hedge on the left and eventually into the lanes in Stratfield Saye. Keep bearing left along the lanes until Lillymill Farm and across the Loddon again. Wind your way back recrossing the A33 by the old telephone exchange. Turn right and go through Spanish Green with its old thatched cottages, and take the path between Thatched Cottage and Greenways. Keep the hedge on your right until the field end, then bear left throught the copse. Cross the stile and field bearing left to Turgis Green, with its working blacksmiths forge, and return to the start.

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