stratfield turgis


Stratfield Turgis comunications are fed from the Turgis Green Exchange now located in Sherfield on Loddon via cabinet3 located at the old Telephone exchange on the A33 between Spanish Green and Turgis Green.

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Cabinet 3 is due to be upgraded in the next tranche of upgrades hopefull by the end of 2018.

This may not help though as the chart below shows anything more that 1.5 Km from the cabinet and there is little improvement. 

What download speed can I expect from fibre broadband?


Graph of FTTC speed versus distance from the street cabinet

Chart of BT FTTC speed against distance from the street cabinet


The chart above shows the expected speed of BT's FTTC service for different distances from the street cabinet for a clean connection. Broadband users within about 300 m of the street cabinet can expect to achieve about the maximum possible downlink connection speed (currently 80 Mbps). Speeds fall to about 60 Mbps when 500 m away from the street cabinet and, at 1 km, about 28 Mbps connection speed can be achieved. We believe that these figures are quite conservative for a good line where fibre broadband take-up is low so you may be able to achieve higher speeds, although the maximum connection speed is currently capped at 80 Mbps.