We have fortnightly kerbside green bin and bottle collections.

The nearest recycling facilities for clothes and shoes are by the White Hart in Sherfield. For glass, cardboard etc. the nearest facilities are at Wyvale garden centre.  A full list of facilities in the area is available here.

• Plastic packaging, such as polystyrene, cellophane, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, food trays and flower pots
• Plastic carrier bags
• Bottle tops
• Drinks cartons, such as milk and orange juice cartons
• Shredded paper
• Gift wrap

• All plastic bottles, such as drinks, milk, cleaning products and shampoo bottles ( please remove lids)
• All aluminium and steel cans, such as drinks, food and pet food cans
• Empty aerosols
• All unlined cardboard packaging and boxes, such as cereal and food boxes
• All clean paper, such as newspapers, magazines, junk mail, directories and Yellow Pages

At your nearest bring bank:
• aluminium foil
• textiles
• clothes and shoes
• books, CDs and DVDs

All glass bottles and jars, they should be rinsed out and any corks or tops removed

Have a green Christmas and recycle your Christmas tree