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Beat Report July 2015

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Beat Report July 2015


Always high on the agenda for Hampshire Constabulary and local residents especially during the recent hot weather and the need to leave property vulnerable. There has been one non-dwelling Burglary over the past month where the offenders have tried to gain entry to a barn unsuccessfully.


Below I have listed some very Crime Prevention Advice that can be used to add additional security to your premises. Whilst some of it is fairly obvious it’s amazing how many people don’t actually do it.

As always, please consider this advice:

Shed/ Outbuilding:

  •             Multiple (different types) locks on your shed doors. – Most locks require different tools to remove
  •             Place net curtains in the windows of your shed/ outbuilding.
  •             Ensure you have all valuable garden equipment serial numbers stored somewhere safe.
  •             Consider placing a ground anchor lock within your shed/ outbuilding and secure valuable equipment to that with a heavy duty lock.
  •             Consider moving your high value items into your house.
  •             Take pictures of your valuables so if they are stolen and recovered it is easier to find out who the owner is.
  •             Use a UV pen to write your postcode on any equipment so it’s easier to identify the owner.
  •             Register your property for free on


  •             Check your insurance documents for any specific security requirements or upgrades.
  •             Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.
  •             Ensure rear fencing is in good repair.
  •             Lock all windows and doors, remembering to double lock UPVC doors (lift handle and turn key)
  •             Keep all keys out of reach and sight from the letterbox (remember a device could be used to hook keys through letterbox).
  •             Do not leave ladders and garden tools in your garden, lock them away in your shed.
  •             Improve natural surveillance at the front of your property i.e. trim high hedges.
  •             Consider fitting security lighting and a burglar alarm.
  •             Mark your property with postcode and house number and register your property for free with  
  •             Make use of timer switches to make the property appear occupied.
  •             Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property.
  •             Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.
  •             Store any high value items (i.e. jewellery, passports) in a properly secured safe or bank vault.


Anti Social Behaviour:

There have been 2 reports of ASB this month, both of these relate to separate parking issues in built up residency areas that have now been resolved.

I would like to encourage all residents to report any incidents of anti social behaviour to us on 101, or if you are a resident of social housing and your issues are with a neighbour also living in social housing accommodation, please report any incidents to your local housing officer, if the problem then persists then your Housing Officer will contact me. Please do report ASB because if it doesn’t get reported then I will not know that it’s happening and therefore I will not be able to focus my patrol time efficiently.

Speeding/ Traffic offences:

There has been 1 reported incident of traffic offences. This was in regards to a motorist trying to overtake a cyclist whilst a vehicle was also oncoming thereby not leaving much room for the cyclist who was forced into the hedgerow. Fortunately no injury was caused. Please can I take this opportunity to remind ALL road users to be more vigilant of others. These roads can be extremely tight in places so please be patient when overtaking to avoid any accidents.

Speeding is a local beat priority and we use the information gathered from our various Community Speedwatch Schemes (CSW) to target where our speed enforcement operations will be carried out. PC Dean Stickland carries out regular speed checks at various times of the day and on occasions, invites members of CSW to observe him when he does this. PC Stickland has been carrying out speed enforcement around the area and has caught a surprising amount of people not only exceeding the speed limit but on some occasions travelling nearly double! Needless to say that people caught travelling that fast over the limit should expect to have to explain the reason to a Magistrate.

If you do not have a local CSW running or you are interested in joining your local CSW then please don’t hesitate to email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suspicious Incidents:

There have also been 4 suspicious vehicle/ person reports. These range from vehicles being seen driving around the same area to persons being seen loitering around areas for considerable time. If you see anything you consider being suspicious, please calling through to 101 to report it. If there are any units free at the time of the call, they will attend.

Criminal Damage:

There has been 1 report this month in relation to damage being caused to fencing bordering a farm and bridleway.

Making Off Without Payment:

Two reports have come in with regards two separate vehicles driving away from the petrol station at Turgis Green without any attempt to make payment for the fuel.


Hopefully now we have an extra PCSO in the area you will have seen an increase in visual patrols in your area. As always if you have any problems or questions please don’t hesitate to approach us on the streets or by emailing us on the above addresses, we are always happy to assist in any issues you may have.

Emergency. As always, please can I ask all residents to report any suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents using the 101 telephone number; please only ring 999 if it is a genuine emergency.

Many thanks,

PCSO Damon Hope

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