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Beat Report Nov 2014

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From PSCO Nath Johnson

Shed and Outbuilding Burglaries:

Shed and Outbuilding Burglaries remain a huge problem across “Beat 1” the majority of residents who I visit after these incidents admit to having “become complacent” with their security on the shed or outbuilding. Unfortunately this is easy to do especially if you have not had any incidents in the past. I cannot stress enough that this CAN happen to anybody and you increase your chances of becoming a victim if you ignore the security on your shed/ outbuilding. A couple of people have been arrested in relation to these offences and are awaiting their time in court. I have received a few questions from concerned residents that they feel their home might be targeted. It is unusual for people who commit Shed and Outbuilding Burglaries to move the step forward and commit Dwelling Burglaries as this could involve being confronted by the home owner. Most offenders who commit these crimes dislike confrontation so they are more likely to target a shed or outbuilding instead of your home. Items being targeted are high value lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and other high value gardening equipment.

The Significant increase in Sherfield on Loddon regarding Non Dwelling Burglaries – the sheds in the allotment were broken into in the same night. This (we believe) was carried out by the same person(s.) This has accounted for at least 6 occurrences reported to us. High Value items were stolen from some of the sheds.

Please consider this advice:

  • ·            Multiple (different types) locks on your shed doors. – Most locks require different tools to remove
  • ·            Place net curtains in the windows of your shed/ outbuilding.
  • ·            Ensure you have all valuable garden equipment serial numbers stored somewhere safe.
  • ·            Consider placing a ground anchor lock within your shed/ outbuilding and secure valuable equipment to that with a heavy duty lock.
  • ·            Consider moving your high value items into your house.
  • ·            Take pictures of your valuables so if they are stolen and recovered it is easier to find out who the owner is.
  • ·            Use a UV pen to write your postcode on any equipment so it’s easier to identify the owner.
  • ·            Register your property on

Anti Social Behaviour:

ASB slightly rose this month in Bramley however this is not concerning and incidents are being tackled by us and partner agencies. We are still working very closely with our partner agencies in order to prevent these issues emerging in the future. Please be assured that these reports are very localised, coming from the same areas and does not spread across the whole of Bramley.

I would like to encourage all residents to report any incidents of anti social behaviour to us on 101, or if you are a resident of social housing and your issues are with a neighbour also living in social housing accommodation, please report any incidents to your local housing officer.


Shed and Outbuilding breaks are increasing in the run up to Christmas, this isn’t helped by residents who do not properly secure their shed or outbuildings. A lot of people have the “it won’t happen to me” instead of the “I won’t let it happen to me” mindset. PLEASE take a short amount of time to ensure that your shed and/or outbuilding is properly secure and use the crime prevention advice above to decrease your chances of being a victim of crime. It is a horrible position to be in knowing that someone has come onto your property and stolen your items, we as a Police Service are dedicated to catching these people but also encouraging members of the public to make themselves a hard target. If you have any questions regarding crime prevention, please don’t hesitate to contact me either via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by calling 101

Emergency. As always, please can I ask all residents to report any suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents using the 101 telephone number; please only ring 999 if it is a genuine emergency.

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