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Lock up your sheds

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As similar to the last few years, Shed burglaries have started increasing across the whole of Basingstoke Rural on the run up to Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to provide some simple but effective crime prevention advice.

Please consider:
• Fitting a shed alarm - there are various types of shed alarm, some you can link to your house alarm and others can be linked to an alarm company who will inform police of an activation.
• Replacing standard padlock and screws with tamper-proof ones - you can get a variety of padlocks which make it much more difficult for bolt croppers to cut. You can also buy screws which require a unique tool in order to remove, which means the standard shape screwdrivers will not be able to remove them. You can buy these items for low cost, normally only slightly more expensie than standard ones.
• Adding extra locks to different locations on doors to your shed, garage or outbuilding - this means offenders will need to remove the whole door in order to gain access to your shed, outbuilding or garage which will take a lot of time.
• Fitting a curtian on any window that offenders can use to look inside and see if there is anything worth stealing. - if offenders cannot see items they are less likely to break in.
• Look out for your neighbours - if you see anything suspicious please report it to us on 101, or 999 in an emergency.
• Secure valuable items to a ground anchor or locking point in your Shed, garage or outbuilding
• Use a UV pen to mark your property with your postcode, this was it makes it easier to return stolen items if found.
• Register your property on

Pcso 15740 Nath Johnson
Tadley Police Station
Bramley and Sherfield-on-Loddon SNT
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