Monday, 15 September 2014 16:22

Stratfield Turgis et al vs Hartley Wespall Cricket Match 2014

The village match started with a moment of genuine skill when Charles Syclemore flung out his right hand to pluck the ball out of the air to dismiss Martin Dyson caught and bowled

– that was their most dangerous batsman back in the pavilion in the second over. Martin did manage to get his revenge when his first ball clean bowled Caspar Mould who had looked set to win the match for Hartley Wespall. Other memorable moments included;
• Rupert Fisher swooping to the ground like a 20 year old to field and throw the ball in one swift motion
• Arthur Mornington swatting his first ball for 6 in to Turgis Green (new ball please!)
• Nick Brooks-Ward showing his unerring passion for quick singles
• But the skippers agreed that the most memorable sight of all was the fair maidens of the villages on the boundary under a kaleidoscope of parasols to shade them from glorious sunshine
Key stats;
• 3 wickets - Gary Keep (not played for 25 years!) & Charles Syclemore
• 2 wickets – Rupert Fisher
• Retired on 25 runs – Mike Coppen-Gardner, James Daly, Tom Atkinson & Rupert Fisher
• Nearly retired – Charlie Atkinson (21, runs not years), Rupert Webster (22) & Jono Irby (21)
It was great to see so many children on the boundary which is testament to the huge efforts the club has put in to develop a thriving junior section but the final comment is a very big thank you to Annie and Lucy Fisher and Charlotte Toosey for arranging a tea that would have fed the crowd at Lord’s.

And for the record, the result is irrelevant.                                                                 Giles Toosey

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