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Neighbourhood Watch & Police Newsletter 25th October 2013.

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New on the BDNW website. (

This week I have added important new articles including several new Witness Appeals and a Country Watch update.

Cold Calls.

This week I have received numerous reports of cold calls, both telephone and doorstep. Some telephone call numbers you might wish to not answer include 01422 861029, 02034 785344, 04673 891923, & “Crime and Security Hub”. It is often useful to Google suspect numbers to see what the internet community might know about them. Also here is an important item from my police colleagues.

It is believed that a company has been targeting the elderly and vulnerable members of the community with unsolicited telephone calls. The calls may be from someone offering an intruder alarm system and sometimes there is a suggestion that the company is responding to a recent crime; at other times there is a suggestion they are working with or for the local police service. They have also been found to inflate local crime figures, sometimes where there is no crime.

Please could residents consider the following:

Research any company you may be planning to do business with before they arrange a sales visit.

Sales representatives should leave when requested. If they do not, they commit a criminal offence and the resident should call the police.

To avoid unsolicited sales calls and mail in the future members of the public should remove their personal details from any sales lists.

This can be done by registering with

The Telephone Preference Service

This is a free service. Registration can be made on line or by telephoning 0845 070 0707.

Further details can be obtained from

The Mailing Preference Service

The Mailing Preference Service supports the right to choose the mail you wish to receive. Registration to this free service can be made on line or by phone to 0845 703 4599. Further details can be obtained from 0207 291 3310

If residents are considering having an intruder-alarm installed then it is suggested that they utilise a company belonging to one of the following organisations:

National Security Inspectorate:

Security and Alarms Systems Inspectorate Board:

Please also bear in mind that should you make an appointment with any company for security equipment - you have the right to cancel the appointment, should you feel harassed or intimidated by a salesperson then please call 101.

Area Coordinators for BDNW.

We have several beat areas where we have no registered Area Coordinator (AC), so it may be that these areas are not having local meetings and may be missing out on vital information. The role is not very onerous but is a vital link in the NW chain.

Persons will need to be checked by our local police. This is usually a formality but nevertheless essential.

Contact me for further info or to put yourself forward.

The areas where we need  ACs are Eastrop, Grove, Brighton Hill, Buckskin, Winklebury, Norden, Popley West, Upton Grey/Candovers, Kingsclere  & Tadley/Pamber.

Operation Stronghold & Hermes/Immobilise.

There are still some of these events due in our area and we will be demonstrating Hermes/Immobilise at each.

Come along and meet us and the Operation Stronghold crime prevention team (with some freebies) at

Whitchurch - Gill Nethercott Centre 30th October 10:30 to 12:00,

Tadley Library 6th November 11:00 to 13:00,

Bramley Bakery 7th November 11:30 to 12:30

Festival Place Basingstoke 16th November 10:00 to 14:00

See also for extra information.

Rogue Traders & Vehicle Crime.

Unfortunately these two issues are still on our radar, so please follow all our previous advice and don’t make yourself a victim

101 Calls

BDNW and the Police always request that any suspicious incident is immediately reported via 101 but several members have asked “Why 101, they never provide feedback”. Quite valid in some cases, but please be assured that your calls are valued by the police and this will be more and more important as time goes on. 101 for Hampshire receive over 1000 calls every day, providing lots of intelligence which might otherwise be lost. All callers to 101 for major issues where a crime number is assigned, should be asked how they would like feedback. If you are not asked, but would like feedback,on any call, then do please ask the 101 operator. I have raised this issue of feedback, with our Borough Commander and hope to be able to have some news to report sometime soon. Sadly some folks have come to me instead of 101, hoping for assistance in individual cases, but other than belatedly passing on messages, my powers to act for you are somewhat limited.

Avoiding Burglary - advice.

Just as a follow up from all previous advice, this remains useful and valid.

Thankfully Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are safe Counties – but by taking a few extra steps, we can reduce the upset that a burglary can cause. If you would like information about security for your home or further advice then please speak to your Safer Neighbourhood Officers on 101.

Trading Standards information.

Scam bulletins are now on line via the Trading Standards website. Rogue traders are still operating in many areas, so please don’t get caught by the casual doorstep caller.

Hampshire police website.

Lots of local police information is available on the Hampshire Constabulary website at

NW Signs.

Each NEW BDNW scheme coordinator is entitled to two street signs on initial registration of their scheme.

Replacement stick on overlays are available – currently free , while stocks last – to replace worn out signs.

Extra new plastic signs are available at cost to any registered scheme.

Details of how to order will be available soon on our website, meantime email me.

Editors Note.

This mail is from BDNW in association with the Safer Neighbourhood Team / Community Support Unit at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information and crime reduction. All Coordinators are asked to pass this newsletter on to all of their NW members & other local residents, wherever possible.

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