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Neighbourhood Watch & Police Newsletter 30th August 2013.

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First an apology.

The newsletter has been off-air for a few weeks due to workload and health problems, but I’m pleased to report that normal service is resumed as of today.

Important request.

May I ask all coordinators and members to always report incidents to the police straight away via the 101 telephone service.

By all means copy me on items, but PLEASE do report them at the time, to 101 as this service is specifically for crime information/intelligence where it does not warrant a 999 call, i.e. it is very useful information, but not a life or death situation.

Also on a less serious note, when forwarding newsletters, there is no need to include me as a recipient.

Burglary advice.

Whilst looking around the county at burglaries that have occurred recently it would appear that opportunistic criminals have been making the most of the nice weather and open or insecure windows and doors. Please find some reminder advice below for your members.


Please remember to shut windows if you leave the property even for a few minutes, it takes very little time for someone to enter through an open or insecure window and steal your possessions.

If you are going away on holiday then please remember to secure and lock your windows this adds an extra barrier to would be thieves. If you cannot lock your windows consider a window alarm which can be bought from DIY stores.


Please remember to securely lock your doors when you are out or at night. If they can be double locked then do so and remember to leave the keys away from sight of the front door or letterbox and let people in the property know where they are in case of emergency.

Again, leaving an insecure door even for a few moments will allow an opportunistic thief time to take your possessions/handbag/wallet/keys or car.

NW Signs

If you have Neighbourhood Watch signs in your road which are looking a little faded or dirty then now would be a good time to smarten them up before the longer nights set in. A dirty forgotten sign can tell a burglar that the residents haven't got an active neighbourhood watch in their road - even if you do ! Speak with your local co-ordinator to have the sign cleaned or replaced where necessary or to your local Safer Neighbourhood Officers if you are unsure whether your scheme is still active.

Suspicious activity

Burglaries are committed by someone/some people who are not supposed to be in or around a property - by reporting ALL suspicious activity of unknown persons or vehicles in your road you can make a difference, take a look out of the window if you hear a strange noise, take a look up and down the road if you get up in the night for a glass of water, by keeping an eye out your neighbour may not be burgled, you may not be burgled because you noticed something out of the ordinary or something that gave you an odd gut feeling and you rang the police. We would rather have 10 calls that came to nothing than miss 1 which led to a burglary.

Thankfully Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are safe Counties - by taking a few extra steps we can reduce the upset that a burglary can cause. If you  would like information about security for your home or further advice then please speak to your Safer Neighbourhood Officers on 101.

Older Driver help.

I would like to draw your attention to Older Driver's Awareness Week which is between 23rd and 28th September 2013. It is aimed at keeping older drivers on the road safely for longer. These drivers can get advice from Wessex Driveability, HCC, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Medical professionals, Age concern, Age UK and more. There will also be help with budgeting car costs, reapplying for licences, eye tests and alternative transport advice. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this please direct them to the following website or phone number.  For more info visit , (search older drivers) or call 01962 846100.

New on the BDNW website.

There are several new articles in various areas of the BDNW website, so do take a regular look for all the information which I cannot include in this newsletter.

Editors Note.

This mail is from BDNW in association with the Community Support/Safer Streets Office at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information and crime reduction.

All Coordinators are asked to cascade this newsletter, down to all of their NW members & other local residents, wherever possible.

Please report anything suspicious by telephoning 101. Mention NW and remember your call really does count. Lots more useful information can be found on the website at   Please visit regularly.

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