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Neighbourhood Watch & Police Newsletter 14th June 2013.

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Good News.

With the help of Neighbourhood Watch and other partner organisations, Hampshire Constabulary is proud to announce an impressive decrease in crime in our county, so a very big thank you to everyone concerned in this achievement. As a result, Press Releases from the constabulary have trailed off recently, although opportunist crime still happens. Please keep up the good work by remaining vigilant and don’t make the criminal’s life easier.

Immobilise Website.

If your phone, bike, computer or any other registered item is lost or stolen, use Immobilise to instantly tell police, insurers, and the second-hand trade. These actions help greatly in the recovery of your property and capture of thieves. See the website at

 http://www.immobilise.com/ and register now.

New NW Schemes.

Recently, I have added several new NW schemes, so a big thank you to all officers and residents concerned. Please keep up the good work and if there are folks in your neighbourhood who would benefit from starting a scheme, then do please ask them to talk to your PCSO/PC officers.

101 Calls update.

Since last week’s newsletter, I’ve received positive feedback from NW members about the 101 non-emergency telephone services, with excellent response to the calls from the constabulary. Please keep the feedback coming, good or bad.

Nominated Neighbour Scheme.

Hart & Rushmoor SNT officers are now trialling this scheme, which is supported by Neighbourhood Watch, with the aim of helping to protect elderly & vulnerable in instances of unknown doorstep callers. Further details are on the BDNW website. We hope it will come to our area fairly soon.

Potential local scam to watch out for.

Please be extra careful if any doorstep callers ask to use your computer to contact a motoring organisation because their car has broken down, and if it is an R reg blue VW Polo, then do try to get the full reg details and call it in on 101.

Credit/Debit Card security.

Unfortunately we are still seeing crimes related to card issues. Please be extra careful when entering pin numbers on any terminal in any establishment. It is all too easy for criminals to watch your actions and then come up with some excuse to distract you later, perhaps in a car park or elsewhere whilst an accomplice steals your card. Often this may be the only item stolen, so you may not notice it missing, till quite some time later. Meanwhile the criminals have plenty of time to use the card without your knowledge. See new website article.

Illegal/Unlicensed Raves.

Earlier this month I added information received from Hampshire Constabulary onto the BDNW website, with things to look out for and how to call in potentially useful information. This is part of Operation Enigma which is receiving positive results

Suspicious Vehicles or persons.

Should you spot any suspicious vehicles/occupants in your area, ESPECIALLY WHITE VANS, then do please note the registration number for when you call 101, as this makes things so much easier if the police need to trace vehicles as part of any investigation. Similarly for persons seen acting suspiciously, try to get a good description. Our neighbours in Wiltshire police have a current issue with heating oil thefts and are asking for help with any unusual tanker vehicles you may spot, especially in our rural areas – we may be their next target

Warm Weather Advisory Warning.

Now that the weather may be getting better, and people will be out in gardens, local parks and beauty spots, a timely warning to be extra careful with your homes, vehicles and property. We have a new article on the BDNW website with some very useful information and would encourage everyone to take a look at the BDNW web site (as below) and put “Warm” in the top right search box. There is a very useful leaflet which you can reference by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the article.

Tip. Make sure you set the web page to “Full Screen” otherwise the Search box will be obscured.

Ongoing Crime Issues.  – The Old Favourites still happen.

There are several new witness appeals on our website this week, relating to recent crimes in our area. Please take a look.

Also new on our website is an article about supermarket car park scams. Please do be careful.

Opportunist theft from all types of motor vehicles is unfortunately still happening, especially in rural areas like beauty spots, rural restaurant car parks and any similar areas. This is mainly being fuelled by valuable items being left visible and inviting crime. The police often undertake major crime prevention initiatives and you may get a letter from them, if their patrols reveal you are thought to be leaving your vehicle and valuable contents at risk. Also ongoing is thefts from vans in many areas of the Basingstoke patch. Where possible, please remove or hide all valuable items from your vehicle, especially when parked overnight. Do remember that thieves know where to look for your valuables and it just takes seconds for a thief to rob you of your most treasured items. NEVER leave keys in your vehicle when it is not being driven and always lock it when parked and don’t leave any items on view.

Always remember that the issues from previous editions never go away. We are always aware of Rogue Traders offering their services Heating Oil thefts, Cold Callers, other Scams, and Frauds etc.

Also be aware of any “extra devices” designed to skim your details, when using your credit/debit card at cash machines, petrol pumps and other outside card facilities. If it looks strange or different, don’t use the card machine, but do report it ASAP.

Every piece of information really does help the overall fight against crime. Every call can also help in deciding policing strategy.


This mail is from BDNW in association with the Community Support/Safer Streets Office at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information and crime reduction.

All Coordinators are asked to cascade this newsletter, down to all of their NW members & other local residents, wherever possible.

Please report anything suspicious by telephoning 101. Mention NW and remember your call really does count.

Lots more useful information can be found on the website at www.bdnw.org.uk/2012/   Please visit regularly

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