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Neighbourhood Watch & Police Newsletter 26th April 2013.

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A very successful meeting was held in the Council Chambers on 23rd April, so thank you to all of the coordinators who attended.

Our entire stock of Smartwater sold out in a few minutes, and kits will be delivered very soon to those who ordered & paid.

We will shortly be ordering new stocks, and I will publish availability once we receive new kits. These will then be available to BDNW members at a reduced price (as against Smartwater’s £47) as in the past.


Area Coordinator Meetings.

We have found that probably only 50% of Police Beats have NW Area Coordinators, and even those with an AC, may not be holding regular meetings. Such meetings are a very good idea for local folks to meet each other and swap information.


Individual members have voiced concerns, so I have done some investigations which reveal that we need Area Coordinators for the following Town areas; Eastrop/Black Dam, Grove, Brighton Hill, Buckskin, Winklebury/Worting, Norden/Oakridge/South View, Popley West,  and also the following Rural areas Axford/Candovers/Cliddesden/Dummer, Kingsclere/Ashford Hill/Hannington, Tadley/Little London/Pamber.


I would like to hear from any existing coordinators in these areas, if you would be willing to become an area coordinator and take on just a little more responsibility, to help your local Neighbourhood Watches.


Warm Weather Advisory Warning.

Now that the weather looks like getting better, and people will be out in gardens, local parks and beauty spots, a timely warning to be extra careful with your homes, vehicles and property. We have a new article on the BDNW website with some very useful information and would encourage everyone to take a look at the BDNW web site and put Warm in the top right search box. There is a very useful leaflet which you can reference by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of the article.



Ongoing Crime Issues.  – The Old Chestnuts.

There are several new witness appeals on our website this week, relating to recent crimes in our area. Please take a look.


Opportunist theft from all types of motor vehicles is unfortunately still happening, especially in rural areas like beauty spots. This is mainly being fuelled by valuable items being left visible and inviting crime. The police will be undertaking a major crime prevention initiative and you may get a letter from them, if their patrols reveal you are thought to be leaving your vehicle and valuable contents at risk. Also ongoing is thefts from vans in all areas of the Basingstoke patch. Where possible, please remove or hide all valuable items from your vehicle, especially when parked overnight. Do remember that thieves know where to look for your valuables and it just takes seconds for a thief to rob you of your most treasured items.


Always remember that the issues from previous editions never go away. We are still aware of Rogue Traders offering their services Heating Oil thefts, Cold Callers, other Scams, and Frauds etc.


Also be aware of any “extra devices” designed to skim your details, when using your credit/debit card at cash machines, petrol pumps and other outside card facilities. If it looks strange or different, don’t use the card machine, but do report it ASAP.

Every piece of information really does help the overall fight against crime. Every call can also help in deciding policing strategy.




This mail is from BDNW and the Community Support/Safer Streets Office at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information. All Coordinators are asked to cascade this newsletter, down to all of their NW members & local residents, where possible.

Please report anything suspicious by telephoning 101. Mention NW and remember your call really does count.

Lots more useful information can be found on the website at www.bdnw.org.uk/2012/




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