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NW Newsletter 22nd March 2013

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Neighbourhood Watch & Police Newsletter 22nd March 2013.

Latest News.

Vehicle break-ins have recently been reported in the areas of Kingsclere, Headley & South Ham. For separate incidents, two men are in custody charged with theft from vehicles. We have new articles on the website giving further details of all items. I have also had reports of a VW Caddy van Registration RV09 VLL seen driving around the Kestrel Road area of Kempshott , acting suspiciously on several occasions.  The van drives slowly down a close while the passenger looks at the various properties.  Can you please advise everyone to keep being vigilant and if you can get any more details, please call them in on 101.

An hour-long session of Community SpeedWatch in Silchester is being hailed as a success after volunteers caught 18 drivers exceeding the speed limit in the village. During the first live session, volunteers, armed with hand-held devices to record the speed of drivers and their car details, registered 18 vehicles exceeding the 30mph limit by a considerable margin, with one driver recorded as travelling at 47mph. Sessions will be running in other areas. Please keep to the speed limits 24/7, everywhere. They are there for valid reasons and everyone’s safety.

Urgent request for BDNW Committee Members.

The BDNWA committee are still looking to our coordinators and members to add to our committee, with a view to take an active part in helping us to run the BDNWA. New members can be co-opted onto the committee and stand for election at the AGM in April. Also, if you are prepared and able to offer further support as an ‘officer’, and can be proposed and seconded by others, then do let us know these details before the AGM so that you can be part of the voting agenda item.  

Ongoing Crime Issues.

Opportunist theft from all types of motor vehicles is unfortunately increasing around the whole Basingstoke area. This is mainly being fuelled by valuable items being left visible and inviting crime. The police will be undertaking a major crime prevention initiative and you may get a letter from them, if their patrols reveal you are thought to be leaving your vehicle and valuable contents at risk. Also new this week is thefts from vans in all areas of the Basingstoke patch. Of special note are two recent attempted daytime break-ins to vans parked at Sainsbury’s Kempshott and the nearby Pets at Home area. Where possible, please remove or hide all valuable items from such vehicles, especially when parked overnight. Do remember that thieves know where to look for your valuables and it just takes seconds for a thief to rob you of your most treasured items.

Always remember that the issues from previous editions never go away. We are still aware of Rogue Traders offering their services Heating Oil thefts, Cold Callers, other Scams, Frauds etc. Also be aware of any “extras” designed to skim your details, when using your credit card at cash machines and petrol pumps.

Every piece of information really does help the overall fight against crime. Every call can help in deciding policing strategy.

Please keep those calls coming in to 101.

BDNW Annual General Meeting.

This will take place in the B&DBC Council Chamber on Tuesday April 23rd starting at 6pm with the new Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes being the main guest speaker, along with B&DBC leader Clive Sanders, Chief Inspector Steven Wallace, Speed Watch officers with a demonstration of the equipment and we will be providing updates on the BDNW Website and Coordinator Database. We are hoping to have a live Twitter feed during the meeting. Refreshments will be provided at the midway interval.

BDBC have asked us to provide attendance numbers in advance, so please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> asap if you will be coming. You can still just turn up on the night, and you will be most welcome, but some idea of numbers is needed by the council for fire safety & H&S reasons.      PLEASE PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY RIGHT NOW

BDNW Website.

We endeavour to keep the website at up to date each week. You are encouraged to take a look on a regular basis. There is a lot of information on the web which we do not have space for in this newsletter. Please feel free to use the contact section to let us know of any issues that you feel should be mentioned, if you have any problems with the site, or if there are any errors.  Also we are interested to know if you would support a modest voluntary annual subscription to BDNWA to help fund the various items that in the past have been supplied free to us and yourselves.


This mail is from BDNW and the Community Support/Safer Streets Office at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information. All Coordinators are asked to cascade this newsletter, down to all of their NW members & local residents, where possible.


Please report anything suspicious by telephoning 101. Mention NW and remember your call really does count.

Lots more useful information can be found on the website at

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