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NW & Police News-Sheet 30th November 2012.

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NW & Police News-Sheet 30th November 2012.

All Coordinators are requested to cascade this message down to all of their NW members & local residents. This mail is from the Community Safety Office at Basingstoke Police Station in the interest of public information. Please note - The author cannot always action feedback on these issues. Please report anything suspicious by telephoning 101. Remember your call does count

“Nottingham Door Knockers”.

Latest information from the police shows these folks to be already active in the Highclere area and no doubt their activities will spread to other areas of our locale.
Named after a scam originating in Nottingham, these people travel across the UK targeting a town at a time. They knock at doors and claim to be ex-convicts attempting to mend their ways, before trying to sell the householder everyday household products at very high prices. Police always advise residents to refrain from buying at the doorstep and not to buckle to pressure from salespeople offering supposedly one-off ‘buy it now’ low prices. However, often kind-hearted residents feel they are helping the Nottingham Knockers to turn their lives around so agree to buy their wares.
Please report any incidents straight away via 101

N.W Coordinator changes.

If you are a coordinator and are about to move or give up your NW post, we would appreciate your informing us in advance through your area coordinator. This is so that we can keep our records up to date and communicate with the right people. Also where necessary, we can then involve the relevant people to seek a replacement. Even better would be for you to seek an advance replacement and let us know so that any new persons can be locally vetted. Finally, if you know of any schemes in your area which have lapsed or are inactive for whatever reason, then do please let your PC or PCSO know of the details.

Reporting incidents via 101.

We are seeing too many incidents where crimes at all levels are not being reported through the proper channels and in many cases, the authorities do not get to hear of criminal activity, or get information far too late to be able to act on it. It is worth bearing in mind that calls through services such as 101, do have a direct bearing on how areas are policed. If you do not report criminal activity, it may be wrongly assumed that your area is crime free and is not in need of police resources. Please make that call and if there is a crime actually in progress, then of course the number to call changes to 999.

Domestic heating oil thefts.

Thefts continue to be reported in rural areas of thousands of litres of heating oil being stolen from outdoor tanks. Please make sure that yours is properly secure and report any instances or information to the police straight away. Look out for suspicious vehicles etc that may be used in such incidents and include details in any report to the police.

Theft from Cars

Handbags, wallets, purses and other valuables are still being stolen from cars in the Basingstoke area. These are most likely opportunist thieves looking for valuables to steal, so Please don’t make their life easy. Don’t leave ANY valuables on view in your car and always make sure the vehicle is properly locked and any alarm set, even if just calling at a friend/colleague or neighbour for a very short visit. This is especially important as we approach the Christmas season.

Rogue Traders & Cold Callers

Always use a recommended trader and not someone who appears on your doorstep. If in any doubt about any Cold Calling trader, contact Hampshire Trading Standards Quick Response Team on 01962 833666. Also the police would appreciate the details, especially descriptions of persons and vehicles, being reported straight away via 101. Unwanted callers are required to leave your premises once told to go away. Their failure to do so is against the law. You do not always have to be polite.

Telephone, Email and other Scams/Fraud.

Remember that the scammers have not gone away, and every day they find new & novel ways to try to deprive you of your money or to get your bank information. Often a quick ‘Google’ of their telephone number can reveal helpful information. The best advice is to never agree to anything from any caller you do not know. There are many useful websites including www.bdnw.org.uk/2012/ for info on scams as well as http://www.urbanmyths.com & www.snopes.com plus www.actionfraud.police.uk to report FRAUD, scams, rip-offs, cons etc.
Beware of being flagged down by Asians & Eastern Europeans with apparently broken down cars, claiming to be out of petrol and asking for money. The best advice is never to stop for such incidents, however much you might want to feel sorry for them. Jewellery offered in exchange for cash is most likely fake. Also beware of unexpected home deliveries asking for your credit card to be swiped as proof of delivery.

General Personal Security

With Christmas approaching, a timely reminder to take extra care of purses, wallets, cash, presents etc. Don’t let shopping distractions make you a victim of theft at this time of year. Simple precautions with your valuables are always worthwhile.

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